State Farm funneled millions to shell corporation “Exam Works” to discredit legitimate injury claims

State Farm funneled millions to shell corporation “Exam Works” to discredit legitimate injury claims

State Farm spends millions of dollars per year on warm-and-fuzzy TV commercials telling us how it’s a good neighbor. Then, when people are hurt and really need the help of their “good neighbor,” the company does everything it can to avoid paying legitimate claims.


In fact, the big business insurance provider recently set up a shell corporation called “Exam Works” and funneled roughly $34 million to it in an effort challenge the claims of legitimately injured people.


This means that if you’re hurt, State Farm doesn’t care how your doctor — the professional who knows you best — believes you should be treated. It bases its payment on the report from one of the doctors at Exam Works.


It’s no surprise that the doctors hired by Exam Works often claim that injured people are lying or exaggerating. Or these doctors try to blame a pre-existing condition so that State Farm doesn’t have to pay.


When a Florida judge began digging into this during a recent case, State Farm did everything it could to hide the truth. It deliberately ignored a court order, acting as if the organization is above the law. The judge called the company’s sneaky behavior “gamesmanship” and “evasive” and finally decided that the State Farm’s behavior was so bad that he wouldn’t allow one of its expert witnesses to testify.

Click here to see the entire Florida case written by the Florida Judge.


Think about this for a second: State Farm was willing to spend more than $34 million to avoid paying legitimate claims to injured people and their families. Imagine how much that money could have helped those families if State Farm was the good neighbor that it pretends to be.


A word of advice, take time to find an insurance company that doesn’t view its claims center as a profit center.


And if you have a claim, call me at 702-830-7070. Let’s work together to make this right.


Anthony Paglia
Anthony Paglia

Mr. Paglia graduated from the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. In law school, he was appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court as a student attorney where he successfully prosecuted his first trial for the City of Las Vegas. Anthony studied international and comparative law in Curaçao, Netherland Antilles. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked as a City of Henderson Senior Lifeguard, busboy, administrative assistant for the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office, personal fitness trainer, barback and front desk manager.