Tort Reform Was A Big Lie To Get More Profits!

Tort Reform Was A Big Lie To Get More Profits!

The argument for capping damages is that because the insurance company’s profits go down, the cost of insurance goes up until doctors, for example, cannot afford insurance and may leave the practice.

After a massive campaign in Texas, financed by big Texas money, voters were persuaded to eviscerate their own constitution so that noneconomic damages were capped — those greedy lawyers you know, and those untrustworthy juries.  Noneconomic damages are the loss of enjoyment of life and are peoples’ most important damages.

After the insurance companies’ victory, one of the nation’s largest medical malpractice insurance company executives told Texas insurance regulators that the newly imposed caps would save the company little, if any, money — maybe 1 percent — while the company at the same time was requesting a 19 percent rate increase from the Texas Department of Insurance.
So who lost?

Once more, the people lost and the profit was pocketed by the insurance companies. Nevadans were equally tricked.

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The above is from Gerry Spence’s Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power page 162.

Anthony Paglia
Anthony Paglia

Mr. Paglia graduated from the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. In law school, he was appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court as a student attorney where he successfully prosecuted his first trial for the City of Las Vegas. Anthony studied international and comparative law in Curaçao, Netherland Antilles. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked as a City of Henderson Senior Lifeguard, busboy, administrative assistant for the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office, personal fitness trainer, barback and front desk manager.