10 Elements of a Great Power Argument

10 Elements of a Great Power Argument

  1. Prepare until we have become the argument;
  2. Open the other to receive your argument;
  3. Give the argument in the form of a story;
  4. Tell the truth;
  5. Tell the other what you want;
  6. Avoid sarcasm, scorn, and ridicule. Use humor cautiously;
  7. Logic is power;
  8. Action and winning are brothers;
  9. Admit at the outset the weak points of your argument; and
  10. Understand your power. Give yourself permission — only to win.

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The above is from Gerry Spence’s How To Argue And Win Every Time page 202.

Anthony Paglia
Anthony Paglia

Mr. Paglia graduated from the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. In law school, he was appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court as a student attorney where he successfully prosecuted his first trial for the City of Las Vegas. Anthony studied international and comparative law in Curaçao, Netherland Antilles. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked as a City of Henderson Senior Lifeguard, busboy, administrative assistant for the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office, personal fitness trainer, barback and front desk manager.