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A document the government does not want you to see: The CIA’s secret assassination manual 08.27.18

Some of the CIA’s techniques to kill people are manual (bare hands), accidents (alcohol, drowning, falling, etc.), drugs, and edge weapons. Under the “accidents” section the CIA writes, “the most efficient accident, in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface…a private meeting with the subject may be arranged at a properly cased location.”


The manual explains, “falls into the sea or swiftly flowing rivers may suffice if the subject cannot swim…the assassin can arrange to attempt rescue…so he can be sure of the subject’s death.”  “Absolute reliability” with an edge weapon is obtained by severing the spinal cord in the cervical region.”


I can’t believe mine and my family’s taxes go to these murderous fools, because it may seem cool in 007 movies, but it is extremely lame in real life.


Anthony thinks of the JFK assassination when the document reads, “public figures or guarded officials may be killed with great reliability and some safety if a firing point can be established prior to an official occasion.” Apparently, regular people are just cattle compared to guarded government officials, so technically, you might say the CIA could potentially take any of us out at any time without punishment.


According to Anthony, the CIA needs to be shattered as mentioned by JFK in his final speech to the nation. The fact is that we the people have zero control over the CIA and its evil practices.


If you’re curious about digging in deeper, the actual documents being referenced can be found in the book 63 documents the government doesn’t want you to read by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell on pages 16 to 22. There are about two actual CIA secret assassination manual pages that are printed in the book that can give you an example of what we’re dealing with.


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