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Book Review: Gary Keller’s and Jay Papasan’s The One Thing 12.06.18

The book focuses on taking four consecutive hours and focusing on “one thing” with zero distractions. The authors say if you are able to break off four hours of focused time for that “one thing” then you will see the success they have. You can cut out four hours and focus solely on your family, fitness, community service, or spiritual life.


Anthony finds it difficult to complete this goal when it comes to legal research and writing, however, he works towards the four-hour rule goal daily. He views this book as another perspective for someone to attain their goals, so do not get down if you cannot get all four hours under your belt.


Anthony found that UNLV law professor, now at UCLA, Pavel Wonsowicz had the best approach. Below is a breakdown of Pavel Wonsowicz winning strategy for focusing on study or intensive work:

  1. study or work for an hour;
  2. ten-minute break;
  3. study or work for an hour;
  4. ten-minute break;
  5. study or work for an hour;
  6. thirty-minute break; and
  7. repeat.

Anthony worked all through law school to get to the point where he could get to step number seven and continue. He used the above approach to get him past the Nevada and California Bar exams. What method do you have when it comes to getting work done? Do you implement different approaches to help you keep focused?


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