Book Review: L. Eric Culverson’s The Competence Myth

Book Review: L. Eric Culverson's The Competence Myth

Book Review: L. Eric Culverson’s The Competence Myth – This book is written for engineers dealing with the post-recession job market. Culverson writes that corporations are squeezing out employee engineers, so a single set skilled individual is obsolete. For example, one cannot just sit behind a computer and not be able to present the information to a group.


Anthony participated in a workshop at the Latin Chamber of Commerce lead by L. Eric Culverson. We all acted out a story in our lives that was difficult or something we overcame. It was an exercise to help people overcome obstacles. The workshop and book is “your guide to balancing communication, leadership and technical skills.”


Anthony’s main takeaway is that the corporate King rules. If an engineer can develop skills outside of sitting behind a computer, then open your own company.  Learn the craft and do it for yourself. The book is great guide to help keep your job, and those skills could carry over to your own venture.


The book shows how the recession hurt those in careers that require a technical degree. L. Eric Culverson has the engineering skills behind the computer and others beyond that.  He opened his own company. He is an author and motivator.  He is an example of the array of opportunities out there, so get moving.


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