“I've witnessed Anthony successfully argue in trial. He is a strong advocate for his clients. I recommend him to anyone who has been hurt.” - B.A.M. Esquire

“Anthony has focused his entire career on helping the little guy against the corporations. He is a zealous advocate and practices with passion. His experience speaks for itself.” - Brent Brinkerhoff

“I've known Anthony for over twenty years. Anthony's family is deeply rooted in Las Vegas and he truly wants to help the community.” - J.D. Esquire

“Anthony has adjudicated or settled millions of dollars for Las Vegas residents. His trial advocacy skills enable him to obtain settlements without having to go to court.” - J.B. Esquire

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Lyric Review: Pennywise’s Full Circle: Fight Till You Die

. Look all around you there’s a war that’s going on A struggle against the odds that’s breaking out and must be won They’re getting ready with the weapons they have found Take inspiration from the sound   See it…

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Why a Secular Government is Needed to Protect Us From Ourselves

The Book of Genesis says there are “chosen people.”  The Bible indicates that a “chosen people,” the Israelites, are destined to preserve the truths in the Bible.  Whenever there are “chosen people” others will be left out.  Some may be…

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Documentary Review: Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States By Cody Paul

The documentary Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone explores aspects of US history that aren’t commonly known by the American public. Stone’s goal is to share a more honest view of what’s happened throughout the course of…

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American Propaganda 101

Modern American Propaganda starts when corporate “economic efficiencies” or profits conflict with human interests.  Each industry injects money into politics to create laws that will secure its corporate position in economics.  The best way to break it down is to…

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Book Review: Dr. Frank Luntz Words That Work, It’s Not What you Say, It’s what people hear

Dr. Frank Luntz leads think tanks or groups of people in question sessions. He uses the information from these sessions to help his clients sell products or ideas to the general public. Throughout his book he indicates a lot of…

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Book Review: Corporations Are Not People by Cody Paul

Corporations Are Not People written by Jeffrey D. Clements is a book that examines the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case ruling, which gave corporations the same rights as American citizens.

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Book Review: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin came to America as a child with his family due to religious persecution.  He started one of Philadelphia’s first printing presses. Franklin earned money through the government by printing local laws for the people on paper. Ben Franklin warns…

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Book Review: Win Your Case by Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence is one of the greatest trial lawyers in American history and a hero. He’s known for wearing a signature hide jacket with shreds falling down. The look is not something you would expect from one of America’s best trial…

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Insurance Corporations Lobby and Hurt Consumers: Californians Hurt and Nevadans Under Attack

The auto insurance industry successfully lobbied and passed a California state law changing auto policies from stacking to anti-stacking. This law undermines and attacks California consumers. The best way to explain stacking versus non-stacking auto policies is by way of…

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Remembering Debbie Helton’s Tragic Death Following a Fender Bender

  . Last year, right around this time now, a story broke about a Las Vegas women by the name of Debbie Helton being involved in what seemed to by a minor fender bender only to suddenly die hours later….

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Hot Coffee Documentary Review By Josh Floth Nevada State College 2018

Josh Floth started at Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer LTD as an intern through Nevada State College. Josh earned college credit while learning law firm day-to-day tasks.  As part of his semester, Josh watched and wrote a synopsis with his opinions…

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State Farm funneled millions to shell corporation “Exam Works” to discredit legitimate injury claims

State Farm spends millions of dollars per year on warm-and-fuzzy TV commercials telling us how it’s a good neighbor. Then, when people are hurt and really need the help of their “good neighbor,” the company does everything it can to…

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Rakchanok Hill Testimonial

Our number one goal is to protect the Las Vegas community by holding big business insurance companies accountable and making sure our clients receive the necessary compensation in the event of an injury. It’s why we do what we do….

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Part 1: State Farm Insurance’s Ace Program and why it’s bad for Las Vegas Families

State Farm Insurance is deliberately hurting American families. . It’s not just State Farm policyholders who are hurt by the way this $75 billion corporation aggressively shortchanges families to boost its profits. In the end, all Americans pay the price….

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Year in Review at Anthony Paglia – Injury Attorney

It was a great year here at Anthony Paglia – Injury Attorney. Not only were we able to continue our climb towards becoming one of the Las Vegas valley’s most respected personal injury firms buy also our mission to give…

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Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechte

If you’re looking for a great book to read during the winter months this year, Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great place to start. Not only is it entertaining but also offers readers an opportunity to heighten their own…

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The Highlights of 2014

The year of 2014 was an especially great year for Anthony Paglia’s firm. Not only was Anthony selected for multiple awards, but he helped over thirty clients who received compensation for their personal injuries! In addition to his achievements in…

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Personal Injury Attorney lien

If you were injured in an accident, how would an attorney’s lien benefit you?

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Mission Statement

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer LTD stands out from the rest, because decisions stem from our mission statement.

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What is a recorded statement?

What is a recorded statement? The insurance companies will want to take your recorded statement after you have been injured in an accident. Do not give up information that will be used against you. Retain my law office. Call 702.830.7070 or visit anthonypaglia.com. Click ‘Read More’ to watch the video for the answer.

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