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Scripture Review: Cain and Abel 07.20.18

Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel.  One brother grew crops and the other raised livestock. They showed their corps and livestock to God. God showed favor to one brother and not the other. The unfavored brother, Cain, was sad. God told Cain that sadness over this will invite demons into his life. Cain killed his brother Abel. God asked Cain where is Abel. Abel asked God in reply if he was “my brother’s keeper?” God felt Abel’s blood in the earth’s soil and banished Cain.


What is the great moral of this story? It is to be prideful of your work product. It is to take pride in completing the job. If the job is not perfect, which it probably will never be, then there is room for improvement. Instead of focusing on returning to God with a better presentation, Cain focused on how his brother received preferential treatment. The moral also points to focusing on the long term when the short term seems dismal. Cain should have focused on improving his skills to gain God’s favor at a later time.


At Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer we take these lessons to heart, so we can better serve our community and clients. We believe in continuous and never ending improvement when it comes to our legal work. Insurance corporations have proven they are profit over people. That is why it is important to get protected. Protect your legal and medical rights. Call our office at 702.830.7070 if you were hurt by the carelessness of another.