Scripture Review: The Pentateuch

Scripture Review The Pentateuch

Scripture Review: The Pentateuch – A basic understanding of ancient scriptures helps with the basic understanding of life. Pentateuch is pronounced pen-tə-tük. It is the first five books of Jewish and Christian scriptures or Bible. The first five books are the Torah in the Jewish religion and are listed below:

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy

The gathering, creation and mixture of the scriptures’ sources are unknown. The four sources or strands are:

  1. Yahwist or Lord by which God revealed himself to Isreal
  2. Elohist or sober and moralistic
  3. Priestly or genealogies
  4. Deuteronomic or worship in the Jerusalem temple

Scripture was first sung fireside in the desert by tribes. Scripture was discussed during feasts such as Passover. Scripture was passed down orally over the generations. The book of Deuteronomy was an attempt to galvanize, or excite into action, the people into a wholehearted commitment to the covenant ideals motivated by the commandment of LOVE. The date is supposedly under King Josiah in 640-609 B.C.

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