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Scripture Review: The Whole Man Concept by Moe Levine 06.13.18

Moe Levine was one of the great trial lawyers of American history. He fought for people all across the United States. He was from New York City. He was a choir boy, so he had great cadence and voice presentation skills in court. He connected with the jury and all people like no other.  His books and videos brought Anthony and others to tears.


Moe wrote about the whole man concept in his books. He got the idea from the bible. The “whole man concept” helps lawyers evaluate the damages suffered by a client. The basic concept is you cannot hurt a part of a man without injuring the entire man. An example would be a nasty paper cut at the tip of one’s finger. It can distract from everything else. Imagine the ridiculous pain from one little cut. For the whole day or week you can feel the paper cut whenever you pick something up at work, home or gym. Imagine if you had paper cut type pain in your spine. A simple fender bender can cause that type of injury and pain.


To be able to explain this concept to a jury and have them understand and accept it is extremely difficult. This is Anthony’s passion, so you can rest assured he will fight to the end against the corporate king. If you were injured by the carelessness of another call 702.830.7070 for a free consult.