The Story of Why Trial Lawyers are Your Communities’ Modern Day Robin Hood

The Story of Why Trial Lawyers are Your Communities' Modern Day Robin Hood

Robin Hood’s Story

The main takeaway from Robin Hood’s story is taking back from the wealthy and giving to the poor. It is based on a story when the rich owned massive pieces of land. The rich landowners would not allow anyone to hunt on their grounds.  Anyone hunting on their land was a poacher. Land, hunting, and food were limited because everyone lived on an island and the wealthy blocked the most important pieces of land. Robin Hood would hunt the lands and feed the needy, risking his own freedom.

A Trial Lawyer’s Story

A great trial lawyer told a story that best captures how trial lawyers are modern-day robin hoods. There are two doors to access justice. One for those people and corporations that pay hundreds and thousands of dollars per hour to an attorney to protect their interests. The other 99% of people need a contingency fee attorney to help them cover the costs to get through the door. Contingency fee law firms are law firms for the people and by the people. The attorney is paid at the end when the case resolves with the insurance corp.  This, my friend, is how trial lawyers are the modern-day robin hoods. Trial lawyers risk their own financial freedom to help you.

“Tort reform” and all of the negative false representations threw a temporary shade on personal injury attorneys. Instead of wealthy landowners, we deal with large corporations. Our jobs are to access insurance money that our society created and there is plenty of it because we are the wealthiest nation on earth. Our jobs are to compensate those who have been wronged due to another’s carelessness. We don’t lock up the wrongdoer, because we rely on our tort law system to make our community safer, ensure civil rights protections, deter future harm, compensate to balance the wrong, and avoid personal vendettas.

If you or your loved one ever end up randomly finding yourself seriously injured due to another’s negligence, you’ll need your local Robin Hood personal injury lawyer to help deal with the corporate king.

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