“I've witnessed Anthony successfully argue in trial. He is a strong advocate for his clients. I recommend him to anyone who has been hurt.” - B.A.M. Esquire

“Anthony has focused his entire career on helping the little guy against the corporations. He is a zealous advocate and practices with passion. His experience speaks for itself.” - Brent Brinkerhoff

“I've known Anthony for over twenty years. Anthony's family is deeply rooted in Las Vegas and he truly wants to help the community.” - J.D. Esquire

“Anthony has adjudicated or settled millions of dollars for Las Vegas residents. His trial advocacy skills enable him to obtain settlements without having to go to court.” - J.B. Esquire


What is litigation?

Litigation is the way in which an injured victim can hold another accountable in a court of law.

Litigation is started by filing a complaint with the court against the person who caused the harms and losses.

What if I don’t want to enter into in litigation?

That is fine. An attorney will provide you with an objective analysis. There will be pros and cons to filing on any case. There might be a liability, causation, or damages issue in your case. Contact our office to learn more.

Who is control of the case?

The client. An attorney is the vehicle that gets a client to their desired destination. The attorney provides legal and pragmatic advice to help clients make a sound decision.

Why is litigation important?

Litigation will even the playing field against the large insurance companies. It provides leverage for an equitable settlement.

It is too expensive to file a lawsuit?

It depends. There may some costs issues. We have seen insurance companies make an offer knowing it is undervalued. It knows the costs of litigation will provide an injured victim with same amount of money. It forces settlements. These options need to be discussed in detail with our attorneys.

Why choose litigation?

To ensure justice is served for those who have suffered from the harms and losses causes by another.

Will I be on the hook for the other attorney’s fees and costs?

Under certain circumstances, it is possible that you may owe fees and costs to opposing counsel. This mechanism prevents most, if not all, frivolous claims from entering our legal system. Setup a free evaluation to learn more.