Anthony Paglia Talks Legal Advice In Las Vegas

Anthony Paglia Talks Legal Advice In Las Vegas

Anthony Paglia Personal Injury Law talks legal advice in Las Vegas! Paglia went into the details on what types of cases he takes on and what he does to get the best settlement for his client. He also gives his opinion about a huge issue that lawyers face. Paglia was asked some hard-hitting questions that what we thought we should share.

What Do You Look At Before Taking A Case?

“Before the firm takes on the case, we look at liability, coverages, and damages. We need our client to be not at fault so that we can pursue a bodily injury claim. There must be auto insurance to cover the damages to put money in the client’s pocket. Too often, we see people without enough coverages for their accidents. Lastly, there must be damages or injuries to the person, and we also pursue lost wages,” said Paglia.

Anthony Paglia helps with wrongful death cases, slip and fall cases, and any automotive accident.

When Does Anthony Paglia Plan For Trial?

“From the second the client walks in the door, we are preparing the file to look good for settlement and trial. If we ensure the client is doing everything he or she can do to get better, then we can have a strong case for trial. Our main mission is a settlement, so we need a case to look good for trial to promote a good settlement,” said Paglia.

What Type Of Judge Does Paglia Prefer?

“A judge that involves him or herself too much is a problem because then it looks like they are helping one side or the other. With tort reform propaganda pumping through mass media, many judges will lean toward the insurance companies’ position,” said Paglia.

What’s The Best Way To Build Trust With Jurors?

“Authenticity builds confidence with jurors because the jurors can see right through the acting. Authenticity brings about calmness and confidence that the jurors can trust,” said Paglia.

What Does Paglia Do After A Trial?

“Win or lose after a trial, I will speak with jurors to get their feedback. After that, I spend time with my family because that is what really matters. Providing, protecting, and serving my family is the motivator,” said Paglia.

What’s A Huge Issue Impacting Lawyers?

“The main issue is that lawyers want to practice too many areas of law. They are very smart and capable, but they can stretch their firm too thin, causing things to fall through the cracks. I am hyper-focused on injury law, including wrongful death,” said Paglia.

Anything You Wished You Would’ve Known Before Becoming A Lawyer?

“I am not sure what I would have wanted to know before starting my law career. Maybe that it is extremely difficult to open and run a successful law practice. However, I would do the same thing again because the mistakes I made have helped the firm grow stronger,” said Paglia.

Tell The Readers Something That Wasn’t Asked

“Every single client is extremely important to me and the staff because taking good care of people is our focus. Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer LTD is helping injured people every day navigate through the arduous process of dealing with insurance companies combined with injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. We are here to help those who lost their loved ones in the aftermath of an unplanned accident,” said Paglia.

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Anthony Paglia talks about legal advice in Las Vegas so that everyone can make the best legal decision.