How to Avoid Drunk Drivers This Summer

How to Avoid Drunk Drivers This Summer

With summer right around the corner, it’s important to know how to avoid getting into an accident with a drunk driver. Following these simple tips can help you steer clear of an accident and reduce the risk of getting injured in one this summer.

Avoid nighttime driving

A lot of the time drunk drivers may be driving at night since most people consume alcoholic beverages in the evening.  Drunk drivers are also more likely to have their lights off due to negligence. This makes a dangerous situation even more so. Therefore, it’s best practice to avoid driving late at night.

Avoid heavy traffic areas like highways and major intersections

When someone is drunk driving, they may be trying to get to wherever they are going as fast as they can. This could be because they are tired – or because they are trying to limit the amount of time they are on the road to avoid being pulled over by the police.

This means they will most likely be using highways and major intersections to cut down on time. Drunk drivers will also want to stick to the roads and intersections that they know the best since their driving capabilities are impaired.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Do not tailgate someone you suspect to be drunk driving because it can lead to a collision. And if they start veering off into another lane or making sudden movements without signaling, do your best to avoid getting too close so as not to cause their vehicle to swerve wildly.

This will also give you plenty of reaction time in case they get into an accident with another vehicle.

Drive Defensively

This will help you avoid any type of situation where you’re in danger. When there is a drunk driver on the road, avoid playing chicken and avoid eye contact if possible. It may seem like common sense to avoid making eye contact with them, but this can escalate the tension between both drivers more than what it already would be without that interaction.

If they are able to successfully stop their vehicle after veering off into another lane or make some other kind of sudden movement without signaling an intention change, do not tailgate as this can cause collisions when stopping suddenly takes longer for the impaired person behind the wheel who has been driving erratically up until now.

Think about how unpredictable their actions will become once they start drinking alcohol–it’s best to avoid getting

What should you do if you get into an accident with a drunk driver?

– If you are in an accident with a drunk driver, avoid arguing or engaging them if possible.

– Call 911 right away to report the incident and be sure to give your name, location, and information about the other vehicle involved.

– Takedown any important information such as license plate number or description of their car.

Finally, call Anthony Paglia Personal Injury Lawyers right away. It’s important that we start working on your case immediately to get you the financial compensation you deserve.