Is your 7th amendment under attack?

Is your 7th amendment god-given right to a trial by jury under attack

Is your god-given right to a trial by jury under attack?

When fixing property damage to policyholders’ vehicles, State Farm Insurance was using inferior, non-original manufacturer parts without policyholders knowing.

The problem is inferior, non-original parts are unsafe when in a wreck. The inferior, non-manufactured parts do not put the policyholder back in the place they were in before the wreck.

In the Hale v. State Farm case in Illinois 4.7 million people unknowingly had inferior parts used to fix their vehicles.  A jury found this secretive way to do business wrong and awarded a $1.2 billion verdict for the 4.7 million policyholders.

To fight this State Farm illegally funneled millions of dollars to Judge Karmeier’s campaign, so Judge Karmeier could overturn the jury’s decision on appeal.  Corporate America lobbies to stretch out our rights!

State Farm would not pay the Judge or his campaign directly.  The money was funneled through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, and the Illinois Republican Party. If a judge overturns a jury verdict then what is the purpose of the 7th amendment right to have a fair jury trial?

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The above blog is from The Trial Lawyer fall 2019 Magazine page 36 article “This Year’s Top Five Reasons They’re Attacking Your Right To A Day In Court.”