Nevada Motorcycle Laws 2022

Nevada Motorcycle Laws 2022

Being a motorcyclist can be dangerous, many more people suffer from motorcycle injuries than car injuries. The most common cause of motorcycle injuries is motorcyclists breaking Nevada Motorcycle Laws.

Motorcycle Licensing in Nevada

Nevada Motorcycle Laws are very specific. They are specific to keep motorcyclists safe. To drive a motorcycle in the state of Nevada, you must have a motorcycle license. This license is referred to as a class M license. You must also wear a helmet that follows the Nevada helmet standards at all times.

The class M license can be added to your original license. To receive a Class M license you need to either enroll in an approved motorcycle course and pass the course or you can request a writing and skills motorcycle test with the Nevada DMV.

If you are under the age of 18 and attempting to obtain a class M license you have to follow additional requirements such as showing proof of school attendance, completing driver’s education, and passing a vision and knowledge test. You must also receive a learner’s permit, show proof of 50 complete hours driving with a licensed driver that is at least 21 years old, and complete a driving skills test.

Nevada Motorcycle Helmet Laws

According to Nevada motorcycle helmet laws, all motorcycle operators and passengers must wear a helmet at all times. If there is no windshield on the motorcycle, protective eyewear and facemasks are required.

Other Nevada motorcycle helmet safety laws include all passengers of three-wheeled motorcycles are required to wear protective eye and face gear. While riding on the highway all motorcycle passengers must wear securely fastened helmets, and protective eye and face gear if there is no windshield on the motorcycle. Finally, if the motorcycle is participating in an authorized parade, motorcyclists and passengers are not required to wear protective clothing and gear.

Nevada Motorcycle Required Equipment

Nevada motorcycles are required to meet all state and local requirements of specific equipment to be legally driveable on public roads. A Nevada motorcycle is required to have the safe and proper equipment. This includes at least 1 headlight, electric turn signals, front and back fenders, front and rear breaks, and a working horn. Also a muffler, one rearview mirror per handlebar, a visible rear reflector, a visible red tail light, and a brake light that is clearly visible to other drivers. If you are a Nevada motorcycle owner it is essential to maintain your vehicle to keep you and other drivers safe. If your Nevada motorcycle is not maintained it can be dangerous for both you and other drivers.

Nevada Motorcycle lane-splitting Law

If you are a Nevada motorcyclist you have the right to use an entire lane of traffic, both on surface streets and the highways. This said a Nevada motorcyclist is legally allowed to share the lane with another motorcycle driver. A Nevada motorcyclist is not however legally allowed to share a lane with another vehicle. It is against Nevada motorcycle laws to allow a motorcyclist to ride between two separate lanes of traffic in the same direction. Doing this is called lane-splitting. Lane-splitting can be extremely dangerous for a Nevada motorcyclist due to being tightly between two different vehicles.

Even if there is surrounding traffic and vehicles are stopped it is still illegal for a Nevada motorcyclist to drive between two lanes of traffic going the same direction. While Nevada motorcycle laws may seem very strict, they are put in place to try and keep everyone on the road safe. There have been too many fatal motorcycle accidents, and all Nevada motorcyclists and passengers must keep their motorcycles properly maintained and follow the proper Nevada motorcycle traffic laws.

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