Part 1: State Farm Insurance’s Ace Program and why it’s bad for Las Vegas Families

State Farm Insurance's Ace Program

State Farm Insurance is deliberately hurting American families.

It’s not just State Farm policyholders who are hurt by the way this $75 billion corporation aggressively shortchanges families to boost its profits. In the end, all Americans pay the price.

Here’s what State Farm has been doing to its policyholders:

About 20 years ago, the company started using what it calls the “ACE” program, which stands for “Advancing Claims Excellence.” The program was a corporate secret, and we only learned about it when lawyers in Michigan forced State Farm executives to tell the truth.


State Farm paid a research and development company out to research thousands of claims.  The research company found that if State Farm hired a doctor to dispute the claim, then State Farm could settle the claim for far less money.  The more State Farm saves on claim payouts, the more it profits.

So State Farm hired doctors who told injured people that they actually hadn’t been injured in auto crashes, their injuries weren’t serious, or that they had been injured in some other way. This process also stalls making payments that accident victims and their families desperately needed for medical care and living expenses.

State Farm didn’t care about the physical pain and mental anguish of people who had paid for their policies. It just wanted its doctors to save money to add to State Farm’s profits.


Insurance is a competitive business. If other insurance companies want to keep up with State Farm, they’ll be pressured into the same sorts of tactics.

All of us are required to purchase auto insurance if we operate a vehicle.  We are required to be a customer of State Farm or another insurance company.

But even if you have good coverage and you are hurt in an accident, you might discover that your insurance company is hiring its own doctors to avoid paying you the money that you are due.

Victims who aren’t properly compensated must depend on public health systems for their care — adding to the costs that all the rest of us pay while State Farm counts its additional profits.  And all of us pay the cost for more Courts when accident victims are forced to take legal action to pursue fair compensation.

As a society, we cannot allow insurance companies to transform their claim centers into profit centers. We consider that a crime at our law office.  We cannot allow accident victims to fear the next bill or the next collection call. We want an insurance system that provides security, safety, and peace of mind to all of us.

I have all the legal documents about State Farm’s immoral ACE program available in my office. You can see for yourself how much money and effort went into this research and development project.

I’ll be providing even more details about this corporation in Part 2 of this law blog aka the blawg series.  We will show you an in-depth look at how this program is implemented in Florida and hurting more American families.

How do we make a difference or help produce change?  Go out and find a local insurance company completely disconnected directly or indirectly to these national billion-dollar insurance corporations.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know was told by a State Farm doctor you were not hurt, that you are faking your injuries, that you are not in need of the treatment, or that were over-treated call our law office at 702.830.7070.