What Is Premises Liability?

What Is Premises Liability

In Las Vegas, visitors or patrons are entitled to a safe environment that’s free from any elements that may harm them. If someone is injured due to someone else’s negligence then premises liability may come into play. However, we’ll be breaking what is premises liability.

Premises Liability In Las Vegas

Premises liability comes into play with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas. This is a legal belief that visitors or patrons are entitled to a safe environment within a property. The property is not limited to just commercial buildings or residential buildings. Spills, hazardous materials and animals can make an environment unsafe.

When a person is hurt due to someone else’s negligence then they may have a premises liability case. The plaintiff has to prove that the owner of the property avoided unsafe conditions that ultimately caused an injury or death. The owner failed to take care of the building or animal which caused the injury.

Types of Premises Liability

There are many types of premises liability cases. Dog bite injuries, amusement park accidents, slip and fall accidents and hazardous material exposure are some of the many types of premises liability cases. Any sort of negligence that caused an injury may be liable to a premises liability case.

Injuries can force someone to take time off of work and potentially hurt their income. Without a steady paycheck then a person is in financial trouble. It is not recommended to neglect any injuries that make your life difficult. Depending on the injury, then the person can qualify for a settlement for their injury.

Premises Liability In Personal Injury Law Cases

The type of injury you sustained plays a huge role in getting a settlement. Anthony Paglia is a Premises Liability Lawyer in Las Vegas who works tirelessly to get the justice his client deserves. While money cannot replace your life it can help with any medical treatments or medical bills that come with an injury.

Some injuries can even leave a person unable to work. When a person isn’t working or getting a steady income then their standard of living is in danger. A settlement can help with the expenses that come with a premises liability injury. A resident or building owner has a duty to protect their visitors or patrons.

Compensation For Injuries Sustained

It is never a good idea to neglect any injuries from a premises liability case. Serious injury needs to be treated by a medical professional. Always report the injury to the management and to a Personal Injury Lawyer. Depending on the injury, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

No one should have to suffer for someone else’s negligence. Being unable to work can cause financial instability. While money cannot replace your health it can help with bills that are related to injuries. A Personal Injury Attorney does everything possible to seek justice for their client.

Property Owner’s Right To Care

A property owner has a duty to care for three types of people that are on their premises. An invitee is someone who has permission from the owner to be on their property. Typically this is a friend, family member or neighbor. The owner has a duty to make sure that these people are safe.

A licensee is someone who is allowed to be on an owner’s property but has their own purpose for being there. Typically, this is a salesperson coming onto the property to conduct business. The property owner needs to warn the licensee of any dangerous conditions that may impact their life.

A trespasser is someone who doesn’t have permission to be on the property. The owner doesn’t have to warn the person of dangerous conditions unless the trespasser is a child. The property owner needs to care for children from elements that may harm them. Typically, swimming pools or other land conditions need to be alerted to the underage trespasser.

Always see an attorney about your premises liability personal injury case. Having legal representation may help your case and get a settlement.