What To Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

Have you recently been hurt in a Slip and Fall accident? A Slip and Fall accident refers to any injury sustained while on another’s property due to their inability to properly maintain a safe environment where you can walk freely without tripping or falling. Common Slip and Fall injury examples include slipping on the water at an establishment because there was no proper warning such as a “caution wet” sign. When this kind of injury happens to you, you may be entitled to legal compensation to help you cover the expense of any injuries sustained. That’s when you need a Las Vegas personal injury attorney like Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer.

Seek Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do after a Slip and Fall injury is to seek medical treatment. Your health is of the utmost importance and you need to focus on getting better. A speedy recovery will only be possible if you have the proper medical attention. While you may not feel that your injury is serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit, you can never be too safe when it comes to maintaining your wellbeing.

Report the Accident

In order to have an accurate account of your incident, you will need to report the injury to the necessary parties. This includes the staff at the establishment where your Slip and Fall injury occurred along with any key individuals such as witnesses, managers on duty, and medical professionals who arrive at the scene. A prompt report of the incident will allow you to have documented proof of your injury in the event that you seek damages in court from the establishment.

Document the Entire Incident

Following an incident, it is important that you document everything to the best of your ability. This could mean taking photos or videos of the location in order to show proof that your slip and fall injury was the result of negligence. You may want to show how there were no caution signs clearly posted around where your incident occurred. Additionally, you will want to write down the contact information of any witnesses who may have seen you fall and could support your claims.

Call an Attorney

After an injury occurs, it is unlikely that the establishment of the insurance companies will give you compensation for your injuries on their own. That is why you need to call a personal injury attorney to help you file your claim and receive the financial compensation that you need in order to pay medical expenses and other damages.

Anthony Paglia Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

Anthony Paglia is a leading personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas who has worked on countless Slip and Fall injury claims. Our law firm is experienced in helping clients receive the full financial compensation that they deserve following an injury due to the negligence of others. If you have experienced an injury such as a Slip and Fall injury, do not hesitate to call our law firm and receive your free initial consultation.