What To Do If You Get Injured At Work

What To Do If You Get Injured At Work

Injuries can happen anywhere, especially at work. Most people spend most of their time at work so the likelihood of an injury happening is high. If you were injured at work then it’s best to know what are your rights so you don’t get taken advantage of by an employer. Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer will be breaking down what to do if you get injured at work.

Workers Compensation Rights In Nevada

In order to understand what to do if you get injured at work, you must first understand worker’s compensation rights in Nevada. Worker’s compensation insurance provides medical insurance, wage compensation and pays benefits in the event an employee gets hurt or gets killed on the job.

Any company in the state of Nevada with one or more employees must have worker’s compensation insurance. Any employee that is an undocumented worker, minor or director of a company qualifies for workers compensation. However, any independent contracted worker does not qualify for worker’s compensation. Unless the independent contractor pays for worker’s compensation insurance.

Any medical treatment or surgery needed will get covered by worker’s compensation. This also includes the treatment for any diseases caused by the accident. Now that you understand worker’s compensation laws it’s time to dig deep on what to do if you get injured.

Report The Injury

The first thing you need to do if you were injured at work is to formally report the injury. Whether it be a slip and fall case or something larger then don’t hesitate to report it. If possible, do the formal injury report on the same day that the injury was sustained. If not, then report the injury within seven days maximum. Not reporting the injury to the employer will hurt your case when requesting worker’s compensation. Fill out a form C-1 document and turn it in to your supervisor in person or email it. A form C-1 is a formal document that notifies an employer or company about an injury or disease sustained. This form must be filled out within seven days of the day of the incident.

See A Doctor For Injuries

The next step in what to do if you get injured at work is to see a doctor for the injuries sustained. Be sure to ask your employer which doctors you can see. However, if your employer denies you to get medical advice for the injury then consider a second opinion. Think about going to see a doctor on your own time and consider getting legal representation. A personal injury lawyer will help you get the justice and settlement you deserve if you’ve been hurt at work. On the other hand, if the employer complies and lets you see a doctor then follow the doctor’s orders.

Make sure that your doctor fills out a worker’s compensation form C-4 document. Tell the doctor that you are seeking worker’s compensation and that the injury is work-related. After that, turn in the filled-out form to your employer’s insurance within three days of the appointment.

Get Medical Treatment For Injuries

The last step and important step for anyone that’s been injured is to follow the doctor’s orders. Whether you need to do an MRI, take prescription drugs or possibly get surgery then follow their orders. It’s best that you follow the doctor’s orders otherwise this can hurt your case for worker’s compensation. Not following the doctor’s advice will possibly hurt you even more.

Get Legal Help For Work Injuries

If you believe that your injury at work was a result of foul-play or misguided judgment then consider getting legal representation. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer to get the settlement you deserve.