Why Do Cars Pull Out in Front of Motorcycles?

Why Do Cars Pull Out in Front of Motorcycles

Have you ever wondered why so many motorcycle accidents involving cars happen? One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents involves accidents where cars pull out in front of motorcycles, putting the rider in harm’s way. These accidents typically occur when the driver of a vehicle is not paying attention to other motorists or when the driver fails to see the motorcycle. But why does this happen?

Reasons Why Cars Fail to See Motorcycles

The primary reason that motorists fail to see motorcycles has to do with the size and speed of motorcycles and our ability to gauge their speed. Take cars for example. Depth perception changes when looking at an oncoming car versus a motorcycle. People are conditioned to see cars moving along the road, so the driver can gauge when to pull out.

On the other hand, a motorcycle is moving faster than it appears due to a motorcycle’s small size. This makes it hard for drivers to calculate how much time they really have to make a turn across the front of a passing motorcycle.

How to Best Avoid Motorcycle Accidents of This Nature

The best way to avoid any auto or motorcycle accident is to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving gives drivers more time to think and to react which leads to safer driving. Anthony recommends that motorcycle drivers use the middle lanes and avoid lanes cars can turn into. Equipped with this knowledge motorcycle drivers can know what to expect from other drivers.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

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