Year in Review at Anthony Paglia – Injury Attorney

Year in Review at Anthony Paglia - Injury Attorney

It was a great year here at Anthony Paglia – Injury Attorney. Not only were we able to continue our climb towards becoming one of Las Vegas valley’s most respected personal injury firms but also our mission to give our clients the representation they deserve in order to protect our community’s safety and deter wrongdoers by holding them accountable.

Here are a few things that happened this year:

Charitable Causes

We made numerous donations throughout the year to different charities. Our donation and charity center gets filled up so we deliver items to local churches and Catholic Charities.

Client Help

We strive to ensure that clients get the best representation and result possible.  Below are a few clients’ successes.

Community Help through Nevada State College, UNLV, Cambeiro Elementary School, and Citizens for Justice

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer LTD worked with Nevada State College to help develop careers in the legal field.  Nevada State College’s internship program allows students to get school credit and obtain real-time experience in a law office. The idea is to help those in a transitional state from school to a career.  A lot of employers do not want to take the time or resources to train people.  Here at Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer LTD, we know that high-quality people working in the legal field equals greater protection for our citizens.

So, where are the Nevada State College interns now?

Marsella Rodriguez is a law student at UNLV’s Boyd School of Law.  This is what she had to say about her time at Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyers:

Cambeiro Elementary Students

The best students come from Cambeiro Elementary.  Anthony Paglia read to the students and participated in career day.  He told the students that his Grandpa Arturo Cambeiro still looks down and smiles at the students when they work hard in their studies.  He told the students that Arturo Cambeiro chose this particular school because the students are special.  Mr. Paglia plans on meeting with Cambeiro Elementary parents in the morning before breakfast with books to help plan their kids’ future.  Here are some actions shots of Mr. Paglai at the school.

Citizens for Justice

Mr. Paglia recently became a member and contributor.  The CFJ helps connect voters with local politicians.  Our local laws directly affect our injury rights.  That’s why we help fight special interest groups at ground zero. Our office is prepared to put boots on the ground to fight special interests because the outcome of your case depends on it.  Special interests are solely interested in helping their bottom line, not yours. It doesn’t matter to large corporate entities if increasing their bottom line erodes your civil rights. That is why the Citizens for Justice is a necessary group of civilian soldiers dedicated to defending your injury civil rights.