Can I Get Money From A Drunk Driver Accident?

Can I Get Money From A Drunk Driver Accident

Drunk driving affects thousands of lives each year. In Nevada, over 1,000 people have lost their lives from drunk driving since 2003. When a drunk driver impacts a victim then the victim is asking themselves ‘can I get money from a drunk driving accident?’ The answer is yes! Victims or their families may be entitled to compensation.

Seeking Monetary Compensation With Drunk Driver Accident Attorney

Monetary compensation is a payment that victims may be entitled to after a drunk driving accident. Under Nevada law, drivers must have liability insurance to cover damages and bodily injury. While insurance policies change with each driver one thing always remains the same. Each insurance policy covers a specific amount for damages and bodily injury.

A Las Vegas Drunk Driver Accident Attorney like Anthony Paglia works with victims to get the full settlement they deserve. While money cannot replace a person’s health it can help with any medical expenses and bills related to the drunk driving accident. Getting the best treatment is the number one priority for an attorney.

Filing A Claim With A Lawyer

Under Nevada law, a person has two years to the date of their injury to file a claim with a personal injury lawyer. While someone has two years to file a claim, always see an experienced attorney about your case immediately after the drunk driving accident. The reason being is that an expert lawyer wants to help victims as soon as possible.

Gathering the facts may require talking with witnesses and getting evidence. Over time, people’s memory may fade away when talking about an accident. This could potentially change the outcome of a case. However, when the facts are fresh in people’s minds then it may benefit your case. A strong case will only increase your chances of a monetary settlement.

Getting The Medical Attention For Your Injuries

Drunk driving accident injuries can be serious and potentially fatal. In some cases, victims may experience broken bones, serious burns, traumatic brain injury and other serious conditions. These injuries may require specialized treatment to help a victim recover. Specialized medical treatments can be costly to a victim. No one should ever have to pay out-of-pocket for someone else’s driving mistake.

A personal injury lawyer works hard to get the maximum settlement and medical attention a victim deserves. First, compensation allows a victim to pay for the medical treatment to recover. That settlement is only possible by holding the negligent driver and insurance company accountable.

Pressing Criminal Charges Against The Criminal

Drunk driving is illegal in Nevada. Any drunk driver that is caught can face heavy jail time, fines, revoked license and other serious consequences. When asking yourself ‘can I get money from a drunk driver accident?’ remember that criminal charges can also be pursued. This is done with the help of a lawyer.

A drunk driver that caused serious injury or a fatality needs to be brought to justice. Countless victims and their families are affected by drunk drivers each year. A Las Vegas drunk driver lawyer understands each case as it happened and files the best case against the driver.

Starting A New Life After Your Accident

Each case always comes to an end. If your case was brought to a justified ending then hopefully you can start a new beginning. With a settlement then it can pay for any medical bills or costs related to your accident. Medical treatment is needed to help your recovery after an accident. Injuries can force someone to take time off of work. When someone isn’t working then it can affect their financial stability.

While no one can predict accidents there are ways to avoid drunk drivers. Always allow a safe distance between you and another car on the road. Overall, when asking yourself ‘can I get money from a drunk driver accident’ remember these helpful tips.