What To Do After A Head Injury

What To Do After A Head Injury

Getting injured is a serious matter that you shouldn’t take lightly. If you hurt your head then that injury can quickly become deadly. Although a head injury can be scary we’ll be breaking down what to do after a head injury. If the head injury happened at work, we’ll also be going over what to do in that situation.

Head Injury Tips

Head injuries in Las Vegas are a serious matter! However, there are ways to minimize the severity of the head injury. The first tip in what to do after a head injury is to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet will protect your head and will minimize serious injury. Not everyone will need to wear a helmet 24/7. However, only wear one if you work a construction job or work in a field where there’s a potential danger of items falling above. Wearing a helmet for bike riding, skating, skateboarding, and other sports is also helpful to protect your head.

Call An Ambulance

After a head injury, it’s important to assess your injuries. If the injuries are severe then call an ambulance immediately. It’s best to get the proper medical attention immediately than trying to get to the hospital on your own. Head injuries can turn into a bad situation quickly if it doesn’t get the proper medical attention. A proper medical professional will know how to handle a medical emergency. If someone else gets in a situation where they hurt their head severely then help them immediately. Make sure they stay conscious until paramedics arrive. Also, make sure to give the person space so that there isn’t a crowd surrounding them.

Check For A Concussion

The second tip in what to do after a head injury is to check for a concussion. Symptoms of a concussion include dizziness, blurry vision, ringing of ears, slurred speech, loss of consciousness, and impaired physical functions. A concussion happens when a traumatic injury to the brain occurs. If you or someone else are experiencing these symptoms then see a doctor immediately. The brain works in conjunction with the body by sending constant messages. If the brain isn’t functioning correctly then there’s a chance there are other injuries as well. Be sure to be very attentive to a head injury as it can happen anywhere, even an injury at work is possible. This is why it’s important to see a doctor if you or someone else are experiencing a concussion.

Stop Any Bleeding

It’s important to stop any bleeding after a head injury. Loss of blood can mean loss of consciousness. This can be very dangerous if you or someone else has a concussion. To stop bleeding then apply pressure to the wound with plenty of medical gauzes. Using other rags will also work, but make sure to throw them away after the fact. If there’s any bleeding then call an ambulance immediately. Stitches may be required for the wound if it’s deep.

Ask For A Written Statement

The last tip in what to do after a head injury is to ask for a written statement. Ask for this if there were any witnesses around. If the police or first responders were involved then be sure to ask for the official police report. If the injury happened at work then be sure to ask for a statement from the employer and notify them immediately about the injury. If any foul doing was the culprit behind the injury then consider getting a personal injury lawyer. Getting legal representation will help you get a settlement. This monetary settlement can help with any financial burdens that come with taking time off of work.